I'm a software developer with a background in art history and archaeology. I like building things that are meant to last. I'm good at backend web development, DevOps, and building APIs. I'm open to opportunities that will allow me to do more of that, particularly if they involve interconnecting systems or data.

I am currently employed by the Art Institute of Chicago as a Senior Developer. Previously, I worked at the IMA Lab at the Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA), and at the Eskenazi Museum of Art (EMA) in similar roles. I helped create and maintain websites, APIs, digital publications, online exhibits, and mobile apps.

Email me if you like my work.

Languages PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS (SCSS), Python, Ruby, Lua, Bash
Databases Elasticsearch, Solr, Memcached, Redis, SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL)
Frameworks Laravel, AngularJS, Django
Libraries OpenSeadragon, et al.
Content Twill, Hugo
Tools Ansible, Vagrant, VIPS, PHPUnit, Git, Composer, Postman, Sentry
Misc. Linux, AWS, Google Analytics, Arduino

Current Work

Side Projects

Past Work