Languages PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS (SCSS, LESS), JavaScript, Java, Python
Frameworks Bootstrap, AngularJS, Backbone.js, CodeIgniter, Klein.php, Django, Node.js
Libraries jQuery, PHP ActiveRecord, Isotope, HighCharts, D3.js, OpenSeadragon
CMS WordPress, Drupal, CouchCMS
Tools Vagrant, git, npm, grunt, bower
Misc. Google Analytics, Piwik, Linux, ArcGIS, Adobe CC (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver)


Unless otherwise noted, for all websites listed below, I handled both back-end and front-end programming, as well as design.

Bicentennial Map · Spring 2016

Gallery interactive for an IMA exhibit. Uses GA and Piwik for event tracking. Collaborated with designers and contributed to the user testing process. Built for a 72" touchscreen table. Best viewed in Chrome at 16:9.

Colors of Classical Art · 2014 - 2015

Special exhibition at the IUAM. Fully responsive. Optimized to work offline on an iPad in the galleries.

Library CD Search · Oct 2013

Search for CDs from similar artists. Made during the downtimes of my shifts at the Collins LLC Library. Scraped data from IUCAT via RSS. Processed with LastFM API and MusicBrainz API. Practice with AngularJS.

TAPA @ IUAM · Spring 2013

Online exhibition. Relies on OpenSeadragon. These tapa cloths are large and intricately patterned - perfect for DeepZoom technology. Used cache.manifest to run the entire web module on an iPad in the gallery, due to poor WiFi availability.

IUAM Collection Highlights · Current

Major digitization project in honor of IUAM's 75th anniversary. Utilizes klein.php and PHP Active Record. Developing an API middleware to connect TMS with the museum's disparate online exhibits. Collaborated with a designer in the early stages of this project.

Arts of Kenya · Current

Gallery interactive for an IUAM exhibit. First site to interface with the museum's new API. Parsed Microsoft Word documents into clean data using jQuery. Currently being converted into a permanent online exhibition.


  • Roundware – Current – Location-aware audio streaming. Practice with Python and Django. Upgrading requirements. Refining the API.
  • IMA Conservation Science Lab – 2016 – Developed tutorial visualizations. Practice with WordPress and HighCharts.
  • CSI: What Lies Beneath – Summer 2016 – Developed three in-gallery interactives for a conservation science exhibition. Created an image comparison slider for OpenSeadragon in the process.
  • OSCI Toolkit – Winter 2015-Current – Online publishing project funded by a grant from the Getty Foundation. Fixed security issues in Drupal backend. Spearheaded font-end development of four new themes: Fuchsia, Red, Simple, and Simple Horizontal. Ran a workshop on digital publishing.
  • The Rock Group – July 2015 – Small website for a management consulting firm. Among other things, this was an exercise in writing copy, not my usual forte.
  • VegIU – Jan. 2014 – Volunteer work for a vegetarian student organization on campus. Integration with Facebook API.
  • Zooarch Lab – Fall 2013 – Made during a post-fieldschool internship at the William R. Adams Zooarchaeology Laboratory. Uses CouchCMS and Google Sheets API to facilitate content editing by other lab members.